Saturday, May 19, 2012

Yay for Emergen-C

At the Vatican I was able to mail postcards to my parents and my wonderful boyfriend.

Cool stamps!

Mailing the postcards :) 

Shortly after we got back from the Vatican and lunch, I started not feeling well. My throat was sore and I started getting a cough. Boo! Luckily, one of my roommates Haleigh, had some Emergen-C that I have been taking. Last night I got a good night's sleep and was able to sleep in a little this morning. I hadn't slept in,  since we arrived on Monday. I simply got too run down, but thankfully I'm feeling better this morning. I just have some sniffles left over.

Yesterday afternoon I had class and then went with my roommates to the Moses statue and along the way saw the Colosseum. We're going to tour the inside of it next week.

I don't like taking pictures inside museums, so this is actually a photo outside on the board. haha. 
  Along the trip we saw a bride and groom taking wedding pictures :)


We had dinner as a class and then we went on a night walking tour. My friend Meylin and I walked the Spanish steps and people-watched, which is one of my favorite things to do in Rome.

I had some sort of asparagus lasagna. 

Today, Meylin and I went to the Basilica of St. Mary in Rome, which is Michelangelo's last architectural  work. He finished it at 86.

Entrace to the basilica
 After that we walked to the Gardens, which reminded me a lot of Prospect Park in Brooklyn or Central Park in Manhattan.

 Shortly after Meylin and I visited the park , we stopped for gelato and rested our feet.

Meylin's yummy gelato!

There is no telling how many miles we have walked this trip so far. I wish I would have brought a pedometer with me, because it would be interested in know.

I am getting better with my sense of direction around Rome and am learning when things are. It does help that there are signs like this to help :)

Five days in and  I'm tired of Italian food, so I got Chinese tonight.
Sweet and Sour Chicken for 5 euro. Yum!

I must give a shout out to my friend Meylin for taking pictures :)

Check out her blog at

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