Sunday, May 20, 2012

Where I live!

This morning, I woke up late. (Actually I never went to sleep...because right outside my window, preparations were going on for the biggest flea market in Rome). There's no telling how many vendors were there. This thing stretched out for a while.

I wandered around the market for forty-five minutes. I didn't buy anything ( clearly I don't have my mom's shopping gene :) haha. My dreaded head cold made a re-appearance and thus I came back to my apartment, took a hot shower (a luxury when you live with eight other girls), bundled up, and did some crossword puzzles and read some Roman history.

Since I wasn't feeling super great today, I mainly just rested and enjoyed hearing what my friends bought from the market.

Tomorrow, my class is going to the Circus Maximus and the colosseum. My lungs must be in good working order, because we will be walking A LOT!

Since I didn't venture out I just took pictures of my apartment, which will be my home for the next two weeks, minus next weekend in Venice :)


Living room

Our 'get ready' bathroom

My closet ( it wouldn't be as messy, but there's no where else to put my suitcase)


My bed and nightstand.

There's three of us in my room. Three's company :)

My desk...which clearly never gets used as a desk. 

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