Sunday, May 27, 2012

Missy Goes To Venice

I've been wanting to go to Venice for a while. There's something so tranquil about a city that doesn't allow cars or scooters. Where the only way to get around is by walking or by boat. When my wonderful boyfriend, Chris, came back from his two month European backpacking adventure, he brought me back a beautiful etching of a Gondola that he had gotten in Venice. So for the past (almost) two years, that picture has been hanging on my wall. Let me just say that Venice is exactly how I imagined it, only more beautiful!

We left on the 8am train for a four hour trip. After being on a plane for close to 9 hours, this trip was a piece of cake. I got to finish 'The Lucky One', which I throughly enjoyed and highly recommend.

Meylin and I waiting to leave on the train! 
The view from the bridge right outside our hotel

Tiramisu gelato

Our first night for dinner, my friends Meylin, Jen and I enjoyed a four course dinner for only 15 euro. A great bargain! And considering their lasagna was the best I've had on the trip so far, I would have paid 15 euro for the lasagna alone!
Course #1- Lasagna

Course #2
Course #3Baked chicken (didn't eat much...full from all that lasagna ;)

Course #4- Coffee

The second day we walked around San Marco's square. It was very crowded and we quickly walked through the piazzo so we could avoid it as much as possible.

Marinara pizza for lunch the next day (yep, no cheese just sauce,  oregano and fresh garlic! So good. )

Dinner-My new favorite pasta gnocchi! So cheesy and good. I've got to try and make this at home when I get back 

Drum roll please....tiramisu for dessert. 

Clearly it wasn't very good at all ;) 

The view over looking the bridge at dusk. Right after I snapped this picture, I leaned over to my friend Jen and said the only thing that could make this trip better was if my boyfriend was with me. Venice is so romantic. Right as I finished, a group of semi-drunk students from South Georgia busted out singing 'Wagon Wheel' complete with several tambourines and some semi on-key harmonies, to which my friend replied to me, "Still feeling all that romance stuff, now?" haha. 

The shopping in Venice was to die for. So much jewelry from Murano, an island off of Venice that specializes in glass. I literally could have bought the whole store. Everything in there was beautiful!

The one thing we wanted to do was ride a Gondola, but by the time we decided to find one, we couldn't. Terrible luck, considering the two previous days we had turned down a bunch for rides. Oh well, just another excuse to come back to Venice :)

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