Sunday, May 27, 2012

Missy Goes To Orvieto

Due to the rain, instead of walking about Rome, our group took a train to Orvieto. The trip only took about an hour and was peaceful.
Fun times on the train

 The views were breathtaking!

Kelly and I enjoying the scenery! What a change from the city.

It was sprinkling a little all day, hints the top of my umbrella in the picture. 

Orvieto Cathedral

So big, couldn't get the whole front in frame. It was gorgeous!

Okay, so I miss my dogs and had to take a picture of this fella...adorable. 

 We went on an underground cave tour. Most of the caves in Orvieto are privately owned and used as wine cellars.

After spending most of the day in Orvieto, we rode the trolley back down to the train station to head home.
After being gone the whole day, that night we were all starving. We went to a nice restaurant,  where I had pizza and tiramisu. So delicious!

Buffalo mozzarella, yummy! 

Forget gelato....tiramisu is my go-to dessert in Italy ;) 

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