Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Our Welcome Dinner/Breakfast this morning

After we all had some naps and chill time, off we went to our 'Welcome' dinner to officially start off our trip to Rome. We ate at place called 'Antica Biblioteca Valle'. 


Yummy tiramisu

There's a small cafe next to our apartment were some of my roommates and I ate breakfast. Breakfast isn't a huge meal for most Italians, but I have to eat something in the morning (and have coffee) or I can't start my day.
Selection of cornettos (pastries)

Karla and Christine enjoying our breakfast before our tour of the city. 

My cornetto (very fluffy!) and a (strong) cafe americano.

 We did a lot of walking today seeing the Spanish steps, the Twin Churches (one of which is under construction)  the Saint Agnes Church and the Trevi fountain.  There's a tradition at the Trevi fountain to throw either one euro in (to come back to Rome), two (to fall in love) or three (to marry an Italian).

For the record I threw one euro in the fountain;) so I'm destined to come back to Rome. Who wants to join?

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